b3 Bond Builder Treament


What is a b3 Bond Builder treatement?

Think of it as a mini Brazilian Blowout treatment!  It's quick, it's long-lasting and gives instant results.

What are the benefits?

Hair that is extremely damaged and chemically-treated will benefit from the deep penetrating treatment.  Experience immediate repair and long-lasting conditioning.  The hair's surface is resealed and protected.

How long does it last?

You can enjoy your new hair for 12 washes.

How long does the application take?

Less than an hour!  After a simple shampoo, a conditioning treatment is applied to damp hair.  Heat is applied for 20 minutes, then rinsed.  That's it, you're done!

Can I still color my hair?

It's best to color your hair first, then apply the treatment.  In fact, the treatment will help enrich and protect your color!

How do people like the treatment?

The luxurious smell lasts and lasts!  It encourages growth.  People can't stop raving about their silky, soft and shiny hair.